Arlington Loop Ride

Saturday, April 9.  At BMW Motorcycles of Seattle (8100 Lake City Way NE, Seattle WA, 98115)

Here is the route:
Please note: This route has tolls.

Time: Kickstands up at 10:45am.  Please arrive by 10:15am if you want to get to know your fellow riders for the day and to sign a participation/waiver form.  We will gather outside if it is not raining, or inside by the lounge area if it is. Please come fully fueled and ready to ride. We will try to be back by 3:30, but plan accordingly for delays or overshoot. We will also have select demo bikes available to test ride after the group ride for those that are interested.

Riding: Please ride within your limits at a pace you are comfortable. Some of us have more experience than others and some have less. Don’t worry about “catching up” to the group as we will always stop at every stop sign and turn to wait for everyone to get together. This ensures a safer ride and prevents anyone from getting lost! In case of engine failure, please pull off in a safe manner and flash your headlights quickly as to notify those in front of you. We also will use some basic forms of communication if you do not have a helmet communication system. If the rider in front of you signs something, please relay it to the rider behind you. Please look over the picture below for the signs we will be using on the ride:

Stopping for breaks/Lunch: We will always stop several times along the ride. Usually the stops will be at scenic views or at an interesting area to stretch and take a picture or two. You are more than welcome to bring snacks for these stops. We will also stop for one hour at a pre-defined venue for lunch. We will try to be accommodating for a wide variety of diets but if you have specific needs, please bring your own food.
Here is the lunch stop:

Please: Have fun! We all ride because we enjoy being on two wheels and are here to explore and enjoy our sport. If you have any other questions feel free to contact our current ride leaders.

One stop before lunch for a stretch, one stop after lunch for a picture at a good viewpoint and a stretch. Total is roughly 130 miles. All riders welcome.

Questions or to RSVP, contact:

Eric David

Date and Time: 

Saturday, April 9, 2016 - 10:30




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